Healthcare Facility Management

We, either recommend or direct manage the healthcare facility with great group of leaders, available to serve in any region in Saudi Arabia. Our leaders have avergae of 15 years in healthcare leadership, and hold high rank certificate in the field such as MHA, PhD, and other.


We help connect the international manufacturers with the huge Saudi Healthcare market to either choose the best agent or directly reachout the buyers. Also, we help issuing SFDA, and listing in NUPCO, and facilitate other required documents to complete the requested services, as well as representing them as a legal agent in the SFDA.


We provide facilities with highly qualified healthcare professionals, with the best experience that matches their demand. Our expertise cover specialities such as Managers, ICU phycians, ER Pysicians, Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Physiotherapist and other…

Feasibility studies

Dedicated feasibility studies in healthcare field, whether it is directed for opening new facilitiy, or introducing new service, or aquring an existing facility.


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