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    Smart Digital Menu

    Unlike the QR – code menu, the WiFi smart menu connects clients directly to the restaurant’s POS system. All they need to do is to join the menu WiFi network and....

    Queueing system

    Quantum Cloud Wi-Fi based e-Queueing is suitable for banks, customer support centers, medical facilities and other similar venues.

    Ticketing System

    For long booking queues in venues such as train stations, movie theatre, conferences, etc. . Booking Wi-Fi smart application can potentially help reduce these queues.

    Cloud Data Analysis

    Quantum Cloud acquires both factual and behavioral Wi-Fi user data and grants its customers secure access to them through a visualized User Analytics Dashboard as part of the WMC.

    Smart Venue Assistant

    Wi-Fi Smart Venue Assistant for airports, shopping malls, museums, hotels, banks and all types of physical venues.

    Business Intelligence

    Quantum Cloud BI Dashboard is an extension to the Data Analytics Dashboard and contains information about users’ online traffic, dwell time, frequency of visiting a specific venue,...


    Wi-Fi entertainment suite offering an experience similar to Netflix but over the local Wi-Fi network.

    About Us

    We are..

    Quantum Cloud is a Wi-Fi Marketplace offering a wide range of Wi-Fi services and applications. Services are mainly targeted to Wi-Fi network owners and marketing agencies, while applications are targeted to Wi-Fi end users.

    Quantum Cloud offers its services and applications through two integrated platforms; Wi-Fi Management Cloud (WMC) and Quantum Cloud Ad Manager.

    Our Mission

    Quantum Cloud Mission is to unlock the unutilized potential behind millions of Wi-Fi hotspots across the globe, and open new markets for Wi-Fi Smart Applications beyond just wirelessly connecting people to the internet.

    Our Vision
    Quantum Cloud Vision is to become the world’s leader in Wi-Fi Smart Applications and monetization techniques, then bring this experience to mobile 5G networks.

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